Kaziikini Campsite showcases the traditional village life in Botswana
Why Students Should Go Travelling
Why Students Should Go Travelling

Why Students Should Go Travelling

Being a student is a time of educational and cultural enrichment. You have more free time than people in full-time work, plus lengthy holidays between terms. The Christmas half-term may be spent spending time with family, but the summer break is an opportune time to go travelling around Africa.

Going on safari is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, which you would be foolish to pass up. A student loan is there for students to fall back on if needed and students who work part-time alongside studying shouldn’t worry about being able to afford travelling costs. A stay in a well-maintained, safe campsite costs around £18 a night. This is only marginally more expensive than staying in most student halls.

Don’t burden your parents with having to pay all your living costs in your break between terms. They will surely appreciate your independence by paying for your own holiday, especially if they have previously taken you on a family holiday themselves. Treat yourself to a vocational vacation straight from studying, as you reflect on your studies and where your life is taking you.

Benefits of Travel

The summer months are a great time to rest and ready yourself for the upcoming year, free of any stresses. It allows you have some time to think with a clear mind, without distractions. You might realise you want to change your current lifestyle for the better, whether in terms of career path, health or exercise. A safari holiday across Southern Africa allows you to be at one with nature, away from your bedroom and the hustle and bustle of the city life you may have been caught up in at university. Safari will enable you to appreciate the slower pace of nature, such as a lion luxuriously lounging in the shade of an acacia tree.

Travelling can enhance learning when you return to lectures. Travelling independently abroad is scientifically proven to improve a student’s ability to learn autonomously. A two-year study into the impact of travelling on new young travellers concluded that an appreciation of the world around you increases self-awareness, interest in new things and boosts self-esteem, among a long list of other personal and academic benefits.

You know what they say- ‘travel broadens the mind’ – and it’s true that learning about different cultures can teach us a better way of living. We can learn from the simplicity of self-sufficient Batswana tribes – because whatever culture we were born into, we’re all people trying our best to make a life for ourselves. A student is on a path to discovery. Seeing diverse places and meeting all different people is part of that journey to answering the big questions on life. Gaining a global perspective will make you a better person.

We live in an increasingly globalised economy. Many African countries are developing rapidly, and hopefully our cultures will continue to shape each other for generations to come.