Kaziikini Campsite showcases the traditional village life in Botswana
Things to Do and See in Zambia
Things to Do and See in Zambia

Things to Do and See in Zambia

Zambia is known worldwide for its natural wonders. The Zambezi River separating Zambia and Zimbabwe flows down into the wonderful Victoria Falls. Adventurous travellers can abseil and bungee or take a flight across the waterfall and raft, kayak or surf on the river – but there’s much more to see and do inland in Zambia if you’re heading north of Botswana on your travels.

Livingstone Museum

The oldest museum in Zambia was opened in 1934 to commemorate the famous explorations of Scotsman David Livingstone. He was one of the first Europeans to travel to unknown territory in Africa and was so awestruck over Zambia’s waterfall he named it Victoria Falls after his queen. The museum exhibits the most complete collection of Dr. Livingstone memorabilia, including his original maps and diaries in the Livingstone section. The museum is open all year round and the tours are very detailed, lasting two to three hours.

Cooking Tours

Experience Zambian culture with a tour guide who can take you to the market in Livingstone to buy the key ingredients such as locally farmed maize, then on to Chikuni Village or Toka Leya Village just outside the town. When you’re there you can help prepare traditional Zambian food, which is heavily based around ‘nshima’.

Lusaka Clay Pigeon Shooting Range

Based in the capital of Zambia is a shooting range like no other. Shooting clay pigeons can be an exhilarating release. It’s fast, fun and no animals are harmed. Clay Pigeon-shooting is a great alternative to game hunting, which divides many Western tourists and can be off-putting for children. This, however, is an activity for the whole family.

Lusaka Golf Clubs

Tourists and business travellers can play an 18-hole round of golf at either of the two golf clubs in Zambia. The Lusaka Golf Club opposite Lusaka City Airport prides itself on being challenging, as a developing club aiming to become World Standard. Chainama Hills Golf Club is more for the amateur golfer, while Nkana in Kitwe is rated as the best golf club in Zambia by Top 100 Golf Courses.


Tourists often visit a spa to relax on their travels while getting to experience the traditional Zambian Ukuchina massage. The heat and aroma therapy massages at Kozo salon and day spa in Lusaka makes it Zambia’s most popular place for people to relax. Serenity Day spa in Lusaka is also highly rated, but spas and salons are dotted all around Zambia. They usually provide manicures, pedicures, facial treatments and anti-ageing treatments, as well as a sports massages.

Tanganyika Lake

A vast inland lake on the border of Tanzania, Burundi, DR Congo and Zambia, Lake Tanganyika is the second oldest and second deepest fresh water lake in the world. It seems too large to call a lake, but that’s exactly what it is since it’s inland and connected to Ruzizi River. The freshness of the water gives it a deep blue colour. The lake is incredibly unique as two thirds of the fish and all seven of its native crabs cannot be found anywhere else in the world.