Kaziikini Campsite showcases the traditional village life in Botswana
The Best Safari Parks in Southern Africa – Part 1
The Best Safari Parks in Southern Africa – Part 1

The Best Safari Parks in Southern Africa – Part 1

Following on from our two-part blog on the best Safari Parks in Africa, why not have an in-depth read of the parks around the South of Africa? This will be most helpful if you are planning to stay at a Kaziikini campsite in Botswana. So, without any further ado, here are the finest places to observe the local wildlife.

Starting with the safaris on offer nearest to Kaziikini Campsite in central Botswana, Kgori Safari is located in uninhabited natural land north of the campsite. It is a fairly long drive away – but leave in the morning and you will have a full day of sight-spotting in the wilderness ahead of you. You will also pass paid game farms in the morning and hunting grounds in the fields to your right in the afternoon. En route you can visit Makgadikgadi National Park and Johan Calitz Safaris, arriving at picturesque Kgori at sunset.

More adventurous exhibitioners can continue to explore wildlife in the north westerly direction. Upon reaching Johan Calitz, more experienced naturalists like to keep going north to the Nungu Wildlife Management area, before heading towards Kgori.

The main attraction of Kgori is its relaxing quietness. It is one of the vastest areas of safari in Southern Africa at 350 000 hectares (855 000 acre). You and your travelling companions will be alone with nature, as you will be mesmerised at the colourful beauty of the animal’s skins. A safari is different from a game reserve as there are mammals of all shapes and sizes, from elephants to giraffes.

Zimbabwe Safaris

Camp-site hoppers may get to see Matetsi Safari just east of Sibuyu Forest reserve. Zimbabwe’s Matetsi Safari Area, Hwange National Park, Kazuma National Park, Zambezi National Park and Pandamasui Forest area all combine here to form one of Africa’s largest un-spoilt areas – coming in at just over 20,000 square km. There will be a small charge for crossing the border from Botswana, but a charge well worth paying for the game-spotting, wild mammal-observing safari experience as soon as you reach the other side.

Your next port of call might be Deka safari, which is 100,000 acres of elephant, buffalo and leopard friendly savannah. Our friends at Sinamatella camp are situated between Matetsi and Deka safaris. Why not combine a self-driven day trip to Victoria Falls with a visit to Matetsi or Deka?

Mozambique Safaris

Safari in Southern Africa is mostly hidden as so much land, particularly in-land, is untamed wilderness. But not all of it is dry and barren. The national parks in Mozambique are the closest thing to ‘safari parks’ in the country. Its nature was protected from human destruction in the 1970’s, so thriving ecosystems exist near its wet wildlife reserves and national parks noted on the map of the world, Banhine, Zinave and Limpopo, which you could navigate yourself through free of charge.

As neighbouring Zimbabwe gets the tourism fame and fortune, Mozambique is decorated with hidden treasures you must see for yourself. It is recommended as the last viewing of Africa before crossing to channel to Madagascar, which we all know is famed for its extraordinary flora and fauna watching opportunities.