Kaziikini Campsite showcases the traditional village life in Botswana
Game Holidays in Botswana – Part 1
Game Holidays in Botswana – Part 1

Game Holidays in Botswana – Part 1

There has been a phrase that has been lobbied at Botswana and it sort of sums this magical place up, small on population and big on wildlife! Botswana is totally landlocked in the center of Africa, but is of significant size, in fact most of the great Kalahari Desert lies within its borders.

This incredible country has magnificent landscapes, a history that is rich is culture and is home to the ancient tribe named San. These bushmen are the indigenous peoples of southern Africa, and have survived thousands of years as hunter-gatherers.

The incredible varied wildlife in Botswana draws many tourists every year and the vast savannas are sprawling with many game lodges to provide great accommodation for safaris. In this blog, we will be looking at some of the best destinations for checking out the marvelous wildlife that Botswana has to offer.

Travel Tips

If you have never been on a safari before, or even to Africa for that matter, there are many factors that you must take into account and be prepared for. Going on safari is far different than a beach holiday to Cancun. Firstly, don’t expect to visit on a budget; Botswana is one of Africa’s most affluent nations and, accordingly, has prices to match.

The currency of Botswana is the Pula, which actually means rain. So, if you see a group of locals shouting in the street Pula, they are not going mad for money, they are asking for rain, and in this often-arid country this also means good fortune.

If you enjoy music, then you will love Botswana; and if you head down to the Maitsong Festival after your safari, you can see some of the best African choirs, great street performances and, best of all, the fabulous marimba bands.

The Weather

Botswana has very seasonal weather, so you must check on the best times to go before planning your visit. The rains mostly come between December and March, when the average temperatures can drop down to below twenty degrees.

The dry season is between May to October and there is little or no rain, humidity is low and the temperatures are as high as the mid-eighties, right up to one hundred degrees. Be aware that Botswana has a typical subtropical climate and there can be great differences between day and night temperatures.

Where to Go

Botswana is full of stunning destinations to pick from, and the main two areas for safari are the Tuli Game Reserve and the Okavango River Delta. It ranks as one of the best tourist’s destinations in Africa and apart from big game spotting, you can ride a Mokoro through the Okavango Delta grasslands, visit the beautiful Tsodilo Hills, learn about the ancient culture and get lost in the Gcwihaba Caves.

In part two of our blog we discover more about Botswana’s warm hospitality and where the best places to see the magnificent animals are. We will be climbing aboard a jeep in the magnificent Chobe National Park and getting up close and personal with the animals.