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Business Opportunities in Botswana – Part 2
Business Opportunities in Botswana – Part 2

Business Opportunities in Botswana – Part 2

Welcome to our second and final part of business opportunities offered in Botswana. Last time out we covered some of the main business types and skills that are being sought after in this South African country. There are many good reasons to look to do business in Botswana. This time around in part 2, we will take a look at some alternative businesses that you might not have been thinking of.

Franchising Opportunities

Botswana is no different from any other part of the world when it comes to business opportunities. And that gives people the chance to own and run their own franchises. We will take a closer look at some of the ones available.

Mike Tyson Academy Franchise

If you have a cool $99,000 USD sitting around needing a home, then why not take a closer look at the Mike Tyson Academy Franchise?

There are two revenue streams available to affiliate yourself with this former World Boxing Champion:

  • Fitness and Boxing Academy
  • Merchandising

Your fitness and boxing academy will be between 500 and 2000 sqm in size, making it a pretty imposing fitness center. Memberships and individual / group coaching provides the platform for the primary source of income from the iconic fitness and boxing franchise. The merchandise opportunity as you might expect gives you an opportunity to exclusively sell official Mike Tyson goods. Upon starting off as an official Mike Tyson franchise you can expect to be supported by a heavyweight marketing campaign.

HealthyYOU Vending

As one of the largest US based health franchise suppliers, you can expect to be well supported after your $30,000 investment is on board. It is suggested that the HealthyYOU Vending franchise is more of a business than a franchise. The benefits here is that there are no franchise fees, no royalties, no required purchases and no marketing fees. Some people believe that business opportunities around health provide some of the greatest investment opportunities at this present time.


An alternative to the health or fitness franchises comes in the form of technology. In truth, Nerds ToGo really has one direct competitor; however, that comes in the form of the mighty Geek Squad.

If you want to jump onto the bandwagon and help to revolutionize the computer services industry then Nerds ToGo is likely to be a sound investment. An investment in excess of $50,000 will get you instant recognition in your chosen area.

If you are new to franchising then it is sensible to read up as much as you can. Quite clearly, franchising isn’t for everyone; however, it can be a very strong source of income for the brave. You can find plenty of information on wiki and other authority sites about franchising. Here is an article that explains the basics of franchising, we’d recommend you also take a look at. Whether you look to bring your own skills to this developing country or are looking to ride on the back of an existing brand name, Botswana certainly does have its opportunities.