Kaziikini Campsite showcases the traditional village life in Botswana
Africa’s Top Safari Lodges – Part 2
Africa’s Top Safari Lodges – Part 2

Africa’s Top Safari Lodges – Part 2

The second part of our series visits some of the best safari lodges that exist in Africa today, and now we’ll travel to Tanzania, Zimbabwe and Botswana as well as other exciting safari destinations. Going on safari in the 21st Century is so different that it once was. Of course, the amazing animals and vast open landscapes still exist but the accommodation is now in a different league.

There could be something to say for roughing it for one or two nights in a dusty tent while getting eaten by ants but more lengthy stays one needs a little more comfort, after all it is meant to be a holiday. The camps we have so far featured have offered nothing but luxury all the way, after all where is it written that it is compulsory to suffer hardship while you are on safari!

Singita Sabora – Tanzania

One of the most famous safari destinations in all Africa has to be the vast plains of the amazing Serengeti in Tanzania. The Serengeti National Park is the ultimate place to see the amazing annual migration of the delightful zebra and rampaging wildebeests.

The never ending golden plains of the Serengeti is what the grand old days of safaris were all about. However, Singita Sabora is slightly above the accommodation that you would have expected in days gone past. The communal dining area is decorated like a Georgian formal dining room with elegant china, cutlery and even crystal wine decanters.

Matetsi River Lodge – Zimbabwe

Why not combine a big game safari with a visit to one of the world’s most stunning waterfalls, namely the thunderous Victoria Falls. Matetsi River Lodge pays respect to the old copper mining era of the area, and the décor is in rich red and gold with many copper adornments.

There is a basic rustic charm to this lodge that reminds the visitor where they are and why. But there is also plenty of luxurious touches that offer all the creature comforts a safari adventurer could possibly want, including a huge circular bath.

Mombo Camp – Botswana

Mombo Camp is situated in a very popular Botswana safari destination, namely the Okavango Delta floodplains. The camp offers excellent views of the wildlife roaming freely around the delta either from the huge communal area or from the individual accommodations.

Singita Lebombo – South Africa

This safari lodge in the Kruger National Park is situated high up overlooking the African bush and all that entails. The individual lodges are perched on a private land above the N’Wantesi River. And the accommodation is luxury all the way, with nothing being spared.

Each lodge has its own huge outdoor decking area that is fully furnished to offer the most comfortable surroundings whilst taking in the fantastic views and monitoring the movements of the animals below. In the evening guests can take full advantage of the communal dining room which has to be seen to be believed.

The dining experience includes a separate wine cellar, a fully interactive kitchen with an espresso bar and a delicatessen which guests simply help themselves. If you are considering taking a safari in Africa, why bother roughing it when you can stay at any one of these splendid accommodations