South Africa’s Most Delicious and Popular Cuisine Part 1

South Africa’s Most Delicious and Popular Cuisine

South Africa’s Most Delicious and Popular Cuisine

South African food ranks among the continent’s most nutritious food, and won’t merely get your tastebuds going, but will also serve you more nourishment than you expected. If you’re planning to take a trip to South Africa, make sure you give yourself the opportunity to try at least some of the delicious foods we recommenced below. From the traditional but customised dairy foods to the meat-stuffed dishes, the memories of these delightful foods will stay with you for years to come.


Potjiekos is a popular and traditional South African food that is basically a Boers meat-and-vegetable dish, and while it looks like a stew, it very definitely isn’t. It’s slow-cooked in a cast-iron three-legged pot over coals. Even someone with little cooking experience can prepare this dish without little to no supervision. It almost prepares itself. As simple as it is to cook, however, it’s every bit as delicious.


This maize meal is often either made into a beer or served on-the-cob. It’s a staple dish in the South African diet and is quick to prepare for a large number of guests. It’s also ideal for those working to a budget. It can be processed, i.e. when it’s served as Mealie Pap, which is basically a porridge made from grains such as ground maize. It can also be served either hot or cold with meat and tomato stew for an evening meal, or with sugar and milk for breakfast.


You could be forgiven for regarding this as South African’s answer to meatballs. After all, you’d be close to being right. A Frikkadel is a traditional food from South Africa that is largely made of meatballs that are ether bakes or deep-fried and prepared with spices, vinegar, eggs, bread, and onion. To make the perfect Frikkadel, you would mix the ingredients with two forks and be very careful not to overdo it, or you could end up with cannonballs instead.




This South African dish can be prepared in a number of ways. Traditionally, it’s made of spiced lamb or beef, an egg-based topping, and dried fruit. It’s also South Africa’s national dish, similar to moussaka. The curry powder gives the meal a bit of a tang, but by using various flavours, you can make the dish a more complex one. The meat and curry flavour combines well with the dry fruit, such as raisins and apricots.


Biltong is probably the best-known and most popular food in South Africa. It’s also one of the foods that bears a similar taste to beef jerky. It’s a type of cured meat, an air-dried meat (typically beef) enjoyed by almost all Such Africans throughout the country. A number of different meats are used when preparing it, such as beef, game meats, and ostrich fillets from commercial farms. The typical process involved in its preparation includes cutting raw meat fillet strips after the grain of the muscle. It’s also possible to slice flat pieces of meat across the grain.

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