Sankuyo Village

Sankuyo is a small village in North-West District of Botswana. It is located close to Okavango Delta, and it has a primary school. The population of the village was 372 in 2001 census. It is also the name of the trust organisation that runs Kaziikini Campsite, Shandereka Cultural Village and Santawani Lodge located in the okavango-delta.

The trust has one of its offices situated at the village and employs the village people. Employees stationed at the office in Sankuyo Village includes community escort guides, drivers, office attendants and night watch men. The community escort guides work in between all the camps found in the area. There is a community hall used as a recreational facility, a primary school, tribal offices and a Health post.

The residents of the village are also involved in sport through teams sponsored by the Trust. There are two local teams in the village which are doing well. We have Sankuyo Netball Club which is doing very well in the competitions against teams in our region.

There is also the Sankuyo Bush Bucks Football Club which is taking part in the Nhabe Regional League under the leadership of Mr Gadimang Tiiso. Currently they are log leaders in their first round matches.


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