Sankoyo Bush Bucks FC

Nickname: Ngurungu Founded: 1996   

Sankoyo Bush Bucks Sporting Club was established in the village of Sankoyo in 1996. The team is dubbed ‘Ngurungu’ which is a bushbuck notable in the area. Ngurungu is Seyei language popularly spoken in the Nhabe region. The team first played competitively in 2000 and the club has become one of the fastest growing football clubs in the country. Ngurungu is the first and only club in the Nhabe region to gain promotion to BPL.

The team started as a Sunday football team and over the years. It was started by a few young men from the village and shocked many by making it into the Botswana Premier League and appealing to a wide array of audiences across Botswana and internationally. This was mainly made possible by the financial backing the team got from the Sankoyo Tshwaragano Management Trust, which got its revenue from the Hunting Quota Fee and Land Rental of their Concession area (NG 34). Hunting has since been banned and ever since the ban, the team has struggled financially. However, we at SBB are of the view that the football team has the potential to assist the community (and itself) to generate revenue through Sport –Tourism.


Our pristine surroundings. Moremi Game Reserve is only a few minutes’ drive away from Sankoyo Village. We hope to open doors to our supporters, our partners and their clients, in order for them to explore this UNESCO World Heritage Site at affordable prices.A tourists Kodak moment, is an everyday experience in Sankoyo. We believe that SBB has the potential to boost domestic tourism through Sports Tourism.



Our vision as a community and club is to;

-          Create employment for people of the Nhabe region through Sport Tourism.

-          Boost domestic tourism by opening up our doors to Batswana from all over the country and expose them to the                      tourism activities on offer.

-          To make Sankoyo a sport development centre for the surrounding villages Shorobe, Mababe, Khwai etc.

-          To support small and large businesses through the large crowds that SBB pulls to the Maun Sports Complex and the               Nhabe Region (Taxis, Bus companies, Hotels, Guest Houses, Restaurants, Street Vendors and Filling Stations etc).

-          To introduce and enhance a transparent Sport-Tourism business model.


Sankoyo Bush Bucks Vision

Our vision is a community where unemployment, poverty and poor health are a thing of the past, through Sports-Tourism. To accomplish this in the short term, we are working on creating business linkages between Sankoyo Bush Bucks and The Sankoyo Tshwaranyo Management Trust that will increase club membership while also boosting domestic tourism in the area.



Sankoyo Bush Bucks Mission

-          Our vision is for a healthy, compassionate economically vibrant Ngamiland.

-          Our mission is therefore to ensure that Batswana/Community Businesses (Predominantly SMME’s) have practical tools for                         accomplishing these visionary ends, all through Sport-Tourism.

-           SBB will achieve this work by convening, engaging, mobilizing and supporting the sector, to ensure we all have the means to make             our region an amazing place.


*Maun Sports Complex packed with Sankoyo Bush Bucks fans


Our Values are

-          To represent the Team and region in a professional manner.

-          To consult and grow the team to greater heights in the most transparent manner.

-          To present an image that encourages youth to desist from illegal activities and seek to generate revenue from sport.

-          To introduce innovative models that will maximise profits for Communities, businesses and people of Ngamiland                   through Sport.


*Kgosi Moalosi of Sankoyo Village

 Word from the Chairman

It has been another tough season for our beloved Sankoyo Bush Bucks. At times many couldn’t help but write our obituary but through the grace of God, we live to fight another season in the Botswana Premier League.

Recognition has to be given to the players who kept the team from the relegation zone at all times, even during the most difficult financial crises to date. It is these people who fully understand the struggles the team has gone through. To Ocean and his colleagues, we owe you big time. Sedie Hotel and all other Sponsors and Donors who played a huge part in easing the strain, to you we say keep on keeping on.

Last but not least. Our twelfth man on the field, Ngurungu Supporters/Family. It is of utmost importance to give recognition to our VIP family members especially those who never stopped attending games despite the difficult times the team went through. It was your gate takings that helped ensure the team honours all games. It was your presence at the stadium that gave our team the drive and strength to fight on empty stomachs. That is the spirit and we hope to see the supporters who lost interest along the way come back home.

SBB is our pride and joy, not only for the people of Sankoyo and Maun, but also for the North West Region as a whole as it continues to be the first and only team in the BPL. As we attempt to grow big enough to challenge for league honours, we must also find ways of developing other teams and sporting codes in the region.

In closing, we look forward to the challenges that come with the next season. God willing, we will secure a sponsor. Our being so far away from Gaborone comes at a very hefty price. For SBB to become a fully sustainable professional outfit, it can only do so with assistance from the Maun business community. In short, this is a challenge to the business community which benefits immensely from Sankoyo Bush Bucks and its supporters to feel free to lend a hand.

Kind Regards

Apollo Moalosi


Chairman Moalosi and Mr Young                  


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