Business Opportunities in Botswana – Part 2

If you have a cool $99,000 USD sitting around needing a home, then why not take a closer look at the Mike Tyson Academy Franchise?

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Business Opportunities in Botswana – Part 1

When your lands are home to over 2 Million cattle, it would be silly to miss the opportunity to utilize the sheer volume of leather available.

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Owning & Running a Game Reserve

Once you have found what you believe to be a suitable volume of land, you will need to make understanding that there is sufficient space available for buildings.

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Likely Affiliations

CHASA - Confederation of Amateur Hunter’s Association (is a federation consisting of more than 25 hunting and shooting affiliates.
PHASA - The Professional Hunters Association of South Africa is committed to assist the professional hunter by providing the most relevant information.

PHASA Official Video: